Things You Need to Know About Outdoor Watches

outdoor watch

Nowadays the activities are quite various and it’s getting more complicated to get the perfect tool for a certain activity.

When you want a watch for your favorite outdoor activity, some tips need to be followed in order to get the perfect one.

Which type of watch do I want?

You know by now that you can choose between a quartz watch, an analog watch, a digital one or a simple and common automatic watch.

Quartz watches are long lasting, need no special care or maintenance and are very easy to use. If you think about jarring activities, this is the watch for you.

Analog watches are also easy to read and almost never need adjustment. They do need the occasional date change on most models and only some people get used to reading and wearing an analog watch.

The most versatile everyday watch is the digital watch. This is the no.1 choice for the military personnel and public safety officers since it features multiple options and functions. They are operated by solar or battery and are quite heavy duty, as they take rather well hits, sitting for long periods without losing time or needing a reset.

Digital watches are easy to read and are popular as outdoor watches just as well (see for reviews)

The automatic watches are a bit more delicate than the quartz watches and need an analog output. The automatic make takes well the outdoor activities just as long the limbs won’t be moving in a quick or sudden way.

Light me up!

When you go hiking, you need to see what time is it even in the middle of the night. Lumen is a feature of many watches and some analog watches reach the best. Lume needs to be charged though by a light source which means it will diminish in brightness once you took the light source.

The best option for a digital watch is to have electroluminescent backlighting which brings light to the LCD screen evenly.

It’s always easier to read faster and easier a watch with a very stark color difference between the timing function and its background. A black dial and very light/fluorescent numbers is the best watch to have in the night.

Care for me!

Watches come with various types of coating that protects them in a specific way.

Physical Vapor Deposition for the metal watches is a common method to coat the metal in a color, typical black. This makes the watch pretty resistant to scratch, but not scratch proof.

The Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) is tougher than PVD and makes your watch more resistant to scratching, but still not scratch proof.

Polishing gives your watch a smooth look, yet not very long lasting. But you can do it anytime you feel your watch needs it.

Wear me!

Wearing a comfortable watch means that the watch comes with a comfortable strap. One of the most classic options is the leather strap. This kind of strap wears out eventually though, soaks up moisture and sweat and gets scratched quite easily.

The metal bracelet is heavy and looks great even on a dress watch. It works in a high demand activity just as well and is the longest lasting choice.

The rubber strap for the watch got more comfortable over the years and differs in durometers (this refers to the hardness of the rubber). A rubber strap gets hot though and tends to flake or shine in time.

The synthetic fabric is both flexible and soft and durable as a rubber strap. It gives comfort as a rubber strap and elegance like a leather strap.

In the end…

Your likings and needs have the final word; we just gave you some hints so that you can have a clearer image. Take a look of your watch and think how much time you lose reading, choosing the right time J