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Two rerss dating studies have found that voice-activated smartphones and dashboard infotainment systems may be making the distracted-driving problem worse instead of better.

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We want full disclosure on the hiring of all workers at all the media organizations in Hong Kong!

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Click on the links below to view sample pages from the book:

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For most citizens, it was lost long ago.

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This is a remarkably heavy-handed response.

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BUT… I worked through it, and by 9 and 11, my kids were going to the park with friends, riding their bikes through the neighborhood, walking to the store, and generally being independent kids.

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Japanese culture tells victims to be quiet and not make a scene.

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And it is the nature of people to see possible dangers in the present rather than examining possible dangers in the future.

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They make women fear to wear short skirts, scared to ride in crowded subways, and nervous when placed in a situation when they are viewed as a sexual object.

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I, too, have gotten some grief for letting my kids starting at around age 10 ride their bikes on the country roads in our small suburban town, run reasonably free in our neighborhood, and as they got nude college women party, learn to use the commute rail and subway.

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Thirty percent select a one- to three-year college training program, which prepares them for teaching, nursing, or other professional occupations.

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Alternative medicines have been well received by the population, with 20 percent of the population seeking alternative treatments in the s and more than 30 percent in the s.

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