Swinging girl pendelum clock. Or a clock specialist can do it and hit a few of the inner parts at the same time.

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If we turn the switch for the Cuckoo on it will Cuckoo until the chain weight fall to the ground.

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You probably get this often but I am interested in the art of building cuckoo clocks.

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It has been well but now will require a complete overhaul to be fully operational.

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It is a classic design, with the leaves on the front and a bird and leaf e henti.

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I have moved the leaf to the very bottom of the pendulum but still my cuckoo clock gains time.

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Hello Ruth — That is probably the rack not falling into place.

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There are many cuckoo clocks out there since they last for so long when taken care of.

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But I could not see any sticker indicating it is a Certified Black Forest clock.

Then you could buy a mechanism and put it inside.

Regards Isaac S.

Unfortunately, that really is a job for a professional cuckoo repair center.

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