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It is primarily written for girls rather than gay men.

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A feature of some of the more extreme BDSM anime, manga, and eroge.

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Opposite of uke and neko.

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Anglophone fans use letter grades, where Grade A is the ideal thigh-highs and Grade E bound gangbang tumblr F is ankle socks; another grade, Grade S, also exists, consisting of Grade A in combination with twin ponytails "twin tails".

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As with yaoi, there are two main storylines—senpai upperclasswomen seducing vulnerable young girls in the classes below, and just the plain girls of the same age group falling in love.

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Intimately associated with the Western BDSM culture, this commonly involves either dominant men or women dressed in tight fitting rubber catsuits or submissives totally encased in rubber with only small holes for breathing under nude beach in germany dominant's control.

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Can be either that large, or achieved by penis expansion.

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