Spanked for sassing. ITs an old barbers strop intially designed to shapen razorsheavy,wide and thick.

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Spoiled brat Sarah pays dearly for sassing her mother.

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Here is a potential example:

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Acina is temporary like Marr I think the person from Nathema is temporary as well, but I will double check.

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Suzanne on October 12, at 4:

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Its in the handbook that you can get paddled.

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I wonder if we can only get the dark side Arcann by using the terminal if we kill him…?

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I just do not get it why at least romanced companions are not trying to even contact our characters.

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In short, they will not bring anymore back until they have the right mix of attention to story and necessarily purpose to the game.

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I met Matt at the gym this morning to workout.

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He went through a range of emotions from his initial anger, to frustration, to fear, and eventually, to resignation.

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