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Awaiting appointment with my GP to discuss the options.

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Fallopian tube carcinoma detected by ThinPrep cytology smear.

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I had my procedure done in August for 2 months now I've expirienced severe pelvic pain:

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Cytologic features of squamous cell carcinoma in ThinPrep slides:

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Fibriods really affect a womens life, more research is needed.

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Joanne Evans-Lewis is especially interested in adolescent care.

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Suffered for 7 years being treated by male doctors who did not take my pain seriously.

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Novasure endometrial ablation explained and performed on The Doctors.

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Last month I had one day of spotting and was very happy until this month.

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Pabbeywood] There needs to be a sex in bed xxx medical response when a woman first complains of troublesome fibroid-like symptoms or when a fibroid is diagnosed with a scan.

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