Send nudes ascii. Allegedly comes from the Japanese slang for a "loose woman", but the actual etymology may be from the hentai anime anthology series Cream Lemonwhich started in

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Defacing of a body using knives and other sharp objects—directly related to guro and can also be part of body remodeling.

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The Anime Companion:

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Toward a Classification of Eroge Subgenres" here is the missing image:

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Involves women of stupidly large proportions Godzilla-like towering above cities with vaginas the size of the Channel Tunnel having sex with normal men who could happily climb inside and have a tropical holiday.

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Stereotypically worn by maids see seifuku fechi and others performing cosplayand the subject of fetishization by otaku.

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An image, especially a photograph, containing uncensored pubic hair.

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In this, the thrill for the man comes from the embarrassment of the girl and the domination of getting her zoe ventoura sex do unpleasant things or alternatively the voyeurism of watching public indecency.

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Used in slang as an adjective e.

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Subtypes include girls barslingerie pubsand osawari pubs.

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Effeminate gay men are generally referred to as " neko " the same term as used for feminine lesbians.

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