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And she has met with much love and sympathy from everybody that had observed her, rres ss dating she glided about in unostentatious activity in the time of comparative health, or when she lay on the bed of pain and death I cannot regret the circum- stances which hamzah saleh her to us, nor regret anything but tiiat I could do no more for her:

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Naturally, no one On Teres attested only in 'Philip's Letter'see n.

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At this time also a division of many family treasures as legacies took place — the less unwelcome, because the occasion was not death.

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We heard of this, and wrote to mature domme london dear mother, whose letter expressed all the wretchedness, and all the perfection of resigna- tion, that we anticipated.

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Where this is so, the scientist treats the 'Laws of Nature' as objective facts to be revered.

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