Literotica daisy ridley. My wife looks lustfully back at Joules and told her that she would very much like to give it a try.

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Joules guided my wife to the floor and went to work on her tits licking and sucking each nipple to hardness and then she amanda action girls recruit her way down to my wife's little pussy where she slowly spread my wife's pussy lips revealing her very hot sopping wet pink pussy.

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In just a few minutes, after another glass of wine, Joules gets up from the table and takes my wife by the hand and tells Jim and me that they would be right back.

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The Sybian seemed quite stimulating and the ladies that were "riding" it seemed to be having quite the orgasm, much more powerful than anything my wife had ever had.

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As I approach her she pulls me down to her and tries to stick her tongue down my throat in a very passionate kiss while my hand finds its way to her pussy.

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It was then that I got my first indication that this was going to be a very interesting evening indeed.

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My wife's curiosity was sparked and she asked Joules if she had ever tried it herself.

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