Lesbian pulp fiction novels. On side two, we meet Ziggy Stardust himself:

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Annie Leibovitz For the past forty years, photographer Annie Leibovitz has produced intimate and often provocative portraits that have appeared in countless major magazines and art publications.

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Colin Charteris, a young Serbian who has been working in UN refugee camps in Italy, travels to England… where he falls under the influence of the hallucinogenics and finds himself hailed as a prophet by the pharmaceuticalized populace.

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For most Americans, these events are unknown.

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She's doubtless even allowing him to pet her, and he's asking her to move into the back seat where they can have more room.

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This online publication continues to be popular to this day.

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In the 22nd century, the titular judge-jury-and-executioner character and his colleagues police Mega-City One, which is subdivided into gigantic towers known as City Blocks stretching from Boston to Key West.

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Goose Lane Editions "A literary press with a particular interest in contemporary fiction and poetry as well as some non-fiction, including art, biography, history, fishing and travel guides, and idiosyncratic cookbooks.

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The downside of this utopia is an entrenched bureaucracy that stifles innovation, particularly if it seems to challenge the prevailing political and social ethos.

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His work has been translated into fifteen languages.

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Cool and deliberately sensual, she let herself slip entirely into a half-world of unnatural lovemaking.

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Vivid images were often painted on black figure vases, hundreds of which survive today.

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