Futurama leela and fry start dating. She is the captain of the Planet Express ship.

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The ExtraterrestrialFry gets naked women cum behind on Omicron Persei 8 which has blocked off all trade and communication with Earth after the Planet Express crew sneak onto the planet to gather a marijuana-esque herb needed for the Professor's tea.

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I think it would be cute.

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Not knowing why he has a flower, Fry assumes he picked it for Leela and gave it to her and Leela thanks him by kissing him.

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Young leela start to her for all the cheek.

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Leela met Zapp Brannigan en route to Vergon 6.

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It is out there, they know what they feel, but Leela wants to try things and they end up dating for a time before either breaking up or taking things more series.

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Fry Brother-in-law:

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I like the Fry-Leela relationship constantly being quite complex, ever since we found out Leela's feelings in episodes like The Sting.

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She is not impulsive by nature but is a careful planner for example, she has xxx deep known to cook a month's worth of dinners in advance so she can freeze and then defrost the meals as needed.

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