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I quickly noticed that each Texas metropolis has its own flavor.

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Not only is it comedy and musical magic, it has an important message about love, acceptance, equality and family.

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This works vice versa for a deaf caller trying to reach a hearing party.

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It should not ask whether the person was ever arrested.

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You agree to restore the staircase upon your vacating.

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I think you mean to say that the person who certifys the dog as being in service should be credentialed.

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You can call your local city and county governments and ask to speak to the department that handles housing discrimination.

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During our Palm Springs visit, we were able to sample three gay, clothing optional accommodations.

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The tenants claimed the landlord had one set of standards for white tenants and another for immigrants and minorities.

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Of course, many landlords have the practice of performing regular inspections of the premises.

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Huntington Beach.

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