Dennis rodman likes trannies. They were shocked, especially over the two extended rapes [and rightfully so], but they loved the rest of the film.

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Required viewing for giallo and mystery fans.

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Houston and then taken advantage of by Davenport and the judge.

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This film is interesting for that fact alone and also because it contains a cast of actors who would soon become very familiar with the giallo genre, appearing in some of the best nude mature indian women them at least in my opinion.

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She immediately played the record and began listening to it, like she was in a trance.

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It's hidden behind the books.

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Hanson and the sheriff's wife died.

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Hell, nearly everyone in this film could be the killer, even Alessandro himself.

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While there is not much violence or blood, it goes beyond what we consider R-Rated material, based solely on nudity and depictions of sex.

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