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To create the opposite effect, a "bend down", the string is pushed to a higher pitch before being plucked or picked and then allowed to fall to the lower, regular pitch after it is sounded.

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Tjader's earlier career was Latin oriented, the mambo in particular.

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The "Power Consumption 80 watts" is how much power the amps consumes a little more than a 75 watt light bulband not the output rating!

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Also that bar thing at the bottom has come off and not sure where it is.

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That the musician in question is still as enthusiastic in the "divine art" as of yore is demonstrated by the receipt of a copy of a new waltz, written the dating ring nyc the piano, entitled "The Chimes," bearing the mark of his authorship

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Without established guitar dealerships and the expertise to sell guitars, the Baldwin line quickly began to languish.

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