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He jerks his head and body around like a cut-rate Peter Weller in ROBOCOPwhile over-exaggerated mechanical sound effects are heard on the soundtrack and every time he speaks, the dubbed-in voice makes it sound like he's talking in yiff hentai video game tunnel.

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The SpaceCore One is the th ship to be lost in the Triangle.

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The only saving grace is lovely Linda Carol, who is not afraid to get into the middle of the rough stuff and get her hair dirty.

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By no means a good film by any stretch of the imagination, FUTURE FORCE is so mind-numbingly cheap nearly everything here screams Poverty Row, from the sets, costumes and special effects, to the now hot nudes of arab "state of the art" computer effects [think Commodore 64]you can't help but enjoy yourself.

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He then runs afoul of the government when he saves Lilith from some government goons.

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Decker gets the drop on Luger again and uses jumper cables and a car battery to torture Luger.

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Turns out they are human and the planet Belle and Lithan landed on was ancient Earth!

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Everyone else throws their weapons into a bonfire and they all live happily ever after.

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