Interview with Bonnie Bowles

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  • February 19, 2016
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    1. How do you make your livelihood?
    “I am an estate planning attorney.  I help new families and mothers, just like you, plan for their futures and protect their families by making a legal plan, naming a guardian for their kiddos and protecting their assets.”

    2.How has the birth of your child(ren) shaped your business, changed your business and what strategies did you employ?
    “Just before my daughter was born, I had a moment of clarity, or maybe it was a moment of total freak-out. I realized I couldn’t keep going with my current work as a litigation attorney. And, I needed to find more balance and joy in my life to be the mom that I wanted to be and to be a good wife. So, with just days left before my daughter was due, I started to apply for jobs, not expecting a quick turnaround. Yet, I found myself interviewing ONE day before she was due. A couple days later, Eva was born. I took six weeks of unpaid maternity leave and then went full steam ahead at the new job – working hard and doing what I loved.”

    Recently, Bonnie saw an opportunity to break away from the firm she was a part of in order to open her own practice focusing on what she is most passionate about – helping families plan for the future. Her law firm is called Wills & Wellness and has recently opened up in the Highlands where many of her clients live and work.

    3.What does the typical day/week look like for you?
    “I work a pretty typical day. After dropping my daughter off at daycare, I head to the office around 9 a.m. and work until about 5 p.m. when I come home to my wonderful, supportive chef husband making something scrumptious for us.”

    4. Speaking of food – what is your favorite food?
    As a kid growing up in Texas, the answer was obvious to Bonnie: “Chicken fried steak.” However, “Now with Mr. Chef Husband, I love healthier things like portabella mushroom pizza.” But when it comes to her real favorite – it’s a dessert – key lime pie.

    5.  What is the secret weapon to your success and balancing entrepreneurship with motherhood?
    Without hesitation, Bonnie replied, “freshly ground coffee.” Additionally, Bonnie talked about her focus on family and how providing for them is her main motivation. It sounds as if everything she does is measured against what it will  do to help her family thrive and prosper. You can really tell that Bonnie’s family is truly the fire that keeps her going – nearly nonstop might I add. During the interview, it become very apparent that Bonnie has laser focus.  She works diligently during the day to help provide for daughter Eva alongside her husband Tom.

    6. What has surprised you most about trying to balance your livelihood with motherhood?
    “That I am still breast-feeding. Eva is 16 months now. We breastfeed and co-sleep. It is what works for us. I am happy to not have to pump anymore, but I really enjoy the time I can share with her through breast-feeding and don’t have plans of stopping until she is ready.”When Bonnie gave birth, she had a goal of breastfeeding for 12 months. She made her goal while working fulltime from 6 weeks on, while having to pump multiple times a day. She added, “Now, I am not planning it anymore, it just is whatever it is.”

    7. How do you manage the days that feel totally overwhelming?
    Bonnie shares that she goes most of the time at 110% but when she is feeling low or overwhelmed, she takes a day off to allow herself to just deflate and rest.

    8. What scares you most?
    Not being a good parent. Neither my husband nor I had the perfect role models. “While my parents did a good job,” she said, “they got divorced and that brought with it some challenges.”

    9. What would you do with two hours if you could do anything?
    “Go for a run. I used to before Eva, but now it seems I never find the time,” she said.

    10. If you suddenly had an extra $100 per week what would you do with it?
    “Well, the smart parent in me would put it in a college fund. Maybe get some shoes too. And, at an extra $100 a week or $400 a month I think there would be enough to do both.” Her daughter is very lucky to have a mommy thinking so much about her best interest.

    If you are looking to get set up with an estate plan a great way to do it is through Wills and Wellness’ upcoming workshop starting Wednesday, August 7th from 6-8pm at the Blossom Wellness Center (every Wednesday for 4 weeks). For a couple to gets a full estate plan, including eight hours with Bonnie (to ask any and all questions), it is just $1295! This is a great deal!

    Or if you want to be less involved and just have it done right have Bonnie do all the work – contact her for pricing because there’s all sorts of ways to protect the kids, yourselves and/or your assets which ranges between $100 – $6000 depending on what we do. (And, all of our fees are up front! No surprises).

    Lastly Bonnie just is getting settled in her new digs in the Lower Highlands! A beautiful location that was recently vacated by dear friends of mine. Anyway she is  going to have a fun grand opening Friday, August 16th, 4-7 p.m. check out the website for details and to sign up for her newsletter.