Bosch car washer online dating. I put him on to someone who could supply a bare head for just a tenner, which was delivered to Peter Burgess where it was tested, found to be OK, modified, and shipped back to my pal.

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Motor has only had valve grind and new rings installed August

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On QLD Concessional rego, ready to rally for the new owner.

I wake up on the morning I'm planning to refit the head

This is the original small BMW with a big engine.

Brakes rebuilt, new shock absorbers, new radiator, etc.

With the exception of a colour change at some point in its life, this is an original car, right down to the radio, it free dating com ru have rust in the outer sills and some bubble rust, but underneath the car is in extremely good condition.

I was taken aback by how heavy the head was - reaching across to the middle of the engine while trying to lift it off all the studs.

People who cut their grass and paint their houses.

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