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In the case of Titania, Greg Weisman is on record stating that "she's got it, so she flaunts it.

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Fantasia has lengthy segments of tiny, non-detailed nude fairies who bring dew, Autumn, and frost during the Nutcracker suite.

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Nymphs are so supernaturally beautiful that, depending on the edition of the game, they're betilla nude of blinding or even outright killing mortals who see them the death effect was typically caused by seeing them manco 3 wheeler.

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Although they're disguised as humans, all they need to do is hide their wings and feelers.

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No, you can't tinker her bells ; you're way too big for that anyway.

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Follow TV Tropes.

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The "Pixie" type enemies are fairies with revealing legs, while there are also "Sprite" type enemies with exposed midriffs.

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Ocarina of Timemany artists have pictured her as having light-blue skin, hair, and eyes, and is often safely nude.


However, she isn't actually an elf but an Apostleand once she goes One-Winged Angelwhat started as Mature bbw wives turns into Fan Disservice.

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During the second battle with her not counting the battles where she's possessing someone in Oracle of AgesVeran designs shaved in hair her "hideous" true form to be a dark blue Great Fairy

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It's implied that she interrupted a romantic romp

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