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  • January 18, 2016
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    Becoming pregnant is the most beautiful gift, waiting to meet your baby love brings a million emotions.  You picture what your little one will look like, who they will become and how this little angel will impact your life.  There is nothing that I wanted more than to savor every moment, capture every breath and live with purpose every day.

    The one piece of advice that I was given over and over again was to -take as many pictures as possible of every moment- because these little bundles grow SO fast.  I prepared my iPhone for constant use, purchased several photo albums and researched every photographer within Colorado.  I didn’t want to miss a single thing! I must admit that I am a researcher and planner, especially when it comes to making an investment purchase (I had been looking for a photographer since I was 20 weeks pregnant but just couldn’t find one that I absolutely loved).

    At 36 weeks I finally found what I was looking for, in The Bump magazine, it was an ad for a Newborn Photographer that displayed beyond gorgeous photos of pure preciousness.  I quickly visited the Ania Mikol Photography website, only to find more breathtaking photos, not just Newborns but Maternity pictures, Senior pictures, Professional pictures, Family sessions and documenting Baby’s First Year through photography.  The entire baby club is only $550.00 and with mentioning The Bump brings it down to an incredible price of $275.00.  I called Ania to schedule my newborn session, we needed to capture my baby girl before she was 7 days old to insure she would be asleep and pliable enough for different positions.

    When I had called to make our appointment Ania mentioned taking Maternity photo’s before I delivered, I must admit that this wasn’t my favorite idea because I wasn’t feeling the most beautiful just entering my 9th month of pregnancy.  But I decided in my attempt to capture every moment that I would just go with it.  My husband and I both went, 37 weeks along, to meet Ania for the first time and photograph my ever growing belly. We were welcomed very warmly into Ania’s studio, she made us feel comfortable and I was easing into this Maternity shoot idea.  We took ones together, I was shot separately, using 3 different “outfits”, we were able to capture beautiful, intimate, special, magical and flattering pictures.  When we finally saw our pictures during the reveal I was absolutely blown away, I felt gorgeous, and was incredibly thankful for Ania suggesting this beautiful session.

    Just 3 short weeks later we brought our brand new baby girl (only 5 days old) to Ania for her newborn session.  I was a little nervous, this being our first time and knowing my little one already hated to be naked, would this be successful?  As soon as we walked in a sense of confidence came over me, Ania gently held my baby, calmed her cries and kept the studio very warm to keep our princess comfortable.  I was amazed how Ania was able to put our baby in perfect positions, I didn’t know that it was even possible to pose a brand new baby.

    She had beautiful knitted hats, angel wings, headbands and so much more for us use in the session.  My baby girl pooped and peed during her session (diaper off), which I was embarrassed by, but Ania just told me not to worry, cleaned everything off and continued taking more amazing images of our little princess. Again we were blown away by Ania’s finished product, so much so that we decided to invest in the Baby’s First Year Package.

    Though money was tight for us since I was no longer working, it was easy to get caught up in the price of this investment, but after looking at all the frivolous purchases we had no problem making it became clear that capturing these moments would be absolutely priceless.  This included our  Newborn, 4 Month, 8 Month, 1 Year and a Family Session, along with beautiful printed pictures, announcements and a beautiful pocket sized accordion book that was a huge hit with the grandparents.  So far we have had our Maternity, Newborn and 4 Month sessions and each time they just get cuter and cuter.

    I almost dare to say that our 4 Month session takes the cake, it was full of whimsy, love and personality.  Again being nervous I was scared for the 4 month session because my baby HATES tummy time, doesn’t last more than 3 minutes before screaming or rolling over, the 4 month session has her on her tummy the whole time.  Ania some how managed to keep my baby distracted enough that baby love stayed on her tummy for the whole 45 minute session and captured her pureness and sweetness at the same time.

    My home is now filled with Baby Art, they are the most beautiful decorations that I have ever had.  Seeing my tummy, her sweet face and her personality all over the house brings me joy throughout the day.  You can never put a price tag on capturing memories that tell a life story.

    Contact Info: Ania Mikol* * *  303.464.8272This is part of a paid sponsorship package with 5280 Mama and is based on first hand experience of mine. If you are interested in sponsoring 5280 Mama and discovering the possibilities of supporting mamas all of Colorado please contact us.

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