Accommodating iol ukulele. Fan Guitar and Ukulele has amazed customers with their quick and friendly customer service and their ability to do flawless instrument repairs.

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Im totally a new player trying to learn via internet.

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You have gone from a Linear G in 4ths to an Open G.

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He has done a great series of instructional videos on Clawhammer Ukulele.

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Adore the sound as i knew I would.

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Jose Espiritu do Santo and Augusto Dias were two of the talented three, but probably the most influential was Manuel Nunes.

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Hi Bob, you are definitely right.

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Most string instruments violin, viola, cello, tenor guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo and others are tuned in fifths.

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Dear Brett, My wife has just surprised me with a Baritone ukulele for my birthday.

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Uke is a great place to go for songs played not only in the regular uke chords, but the baritone as well… he has been around for years and has a great website for this:

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